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At 16 my mom dragged me kicking and screaming to a weekend "Learn-To-Trade" options seminar. I was fascinated but in way over my head so I switched to equities. Teaching myself to trade stocks was a harrowing experience, especially since I was still in school (high school and then engineering) but I finally started to see success. Once I was *sorta* comfortable about 6 years ago, I started to hear mumblings about this new thing called crypto. A few years and several liquidations later, I figured out how to apply what I had learned to crypto futures. In 2021, I transitioned exclusively to crypto day trading and continue to trade up to 4 days per week. As fun as it is, day trading can be extremely lonely which is why I've also been a trading mentor since 2019 and made some exceptional friends along the way!

What Students are Saying...

“I just moved from the simulator to actual day trading, and am averaging 2 to 3% per trade. For the 1st ten trades: 8 were profitable, 2 were at a loss. Thank you so much for sharing all of this.”


“It was great to meet you today! I learned a lot on the call that has got me started with being more active with day trading crypto. I've been practicing with the simulator, and made a couple of actual trades - including my first 2% gainer already! A couple quick questions I had - I've been placing orders with the "post only" box checked but it seems like it can sometimes take orders a while to get filled, and that makes me a bit nervous, like if the set up changes and is no longer a good trade. Can you help me understand the benefit to doing these types of trades? Also, I'm trying to look at my PNL details and its all just empty. I can see the PNL for the one BTC trade I did in my spot history, but can't see anything in my contract history. Is there a 24 hour lag or something, like there is with binance? I think that's all my questions for now! ”


“Thanks a lot, I'm glad I did this class with you. You are great person and teacher. I hope to practice it as fast as I can. I have to watch the class again and summarize everything on a paper. Thanks again, I know my words is not enough to tell you how much I appreciate it. Thanks a lot, enjoy your holidays/vacation. ”


“I have been playing with Phemex for a number of days and have found it really great. I've had a couple of losses but wins are increasing. Just doing what you said and staying within that .4% range with 5x leverage.”


“I'm making every rookie mistake you can make (in the simulator, of course), and I'm not being hyperbolic when I say I've learned more in the last 5 weeks about trading than I've ever learned about anything in such a short period of time. I've improved a lot and I'm having so much fun. ”


“ Getting ever closer to being ready to go live after some tweaks (and discovering the absolute magic of heikin ashi candles for my own psychology). I’m happy that I can hit 65-70% win rate and that I can seriously hit a 150k income whilst retaining most of my day with practice and I owe all of that to your channel. Thanks so much for getting the wheels turning. It will give me so much more time at home with my son!!”


“Thank you again for today! I feel like I learned sooooooo much and I'm excited to start practicing. Also, thank you for offering to help answer any questions as I get started.”



  • Will I get support?

    Yes. Support includes access to the moderated community chat, the two monthly lives via Zoom every month hosted by me, as well as e-mail support. If you upgrade at any time to the Gold Stream, you will get access to my personal cell number as well so you can text me anytime.

  • I've been following you on Tiktok for a while, where should I start?

    I would recommend that you trial the Silver Stream. There may be some content that is repetitive from Tiktok or Youtube initially but it will get more in depth and complex over time.

  • How can I learn your entry strategy?

    My entry strategy is covered in Day Trading Crypto on Leverage - Phase II. This video series is included in both the Silver & Gold Streams.

  • How do I know what the videos are going to be like?

    Most of the video series have a few free preview videos at the beginning that you can watch. Furthermore, the Silver Stream includes a free trial period so you can have a good idea of the videos, the community and the monthly live sessions.

  • What's the difference between the Silver Stream and the Gold Stream?

    The difference is that the Gold Stream includes the Crypto with Martina Telegram Channel, the Gold Member's chat area in the community and access to my personal cell number. I recommend the Gold Stream to traders who are either already trading for a living or are seriously planning to transition to trading for a living.

  • Why can't I see some of the video content?

    Content will be unlocked over time to give you time to practice and master principles. The order that content will be unlocked is as follows: Day Trading (Phase I, Phase II, Phase III) over ~8 months, Swing Trading and Portfolio over the next ~8 months. You will need to complete all the pre-requisite videos & quizzes to move on to the next sections. Certain quizzes have a minimum passing grade in order to continue. Simply repeat the quiz until you achieve the necessary passing grade.

  • How long until I can trade like you?

    This is a very difficult question to answer as it depends heavily on your level of time commitment, discipline, and initiative. I've seen traders become consistently profitable using my strategy in the frame of 4-12 months. In order to trade exactly like me, however, it will likely take you several years.

  • Are you still offering 1:1 mentorship?

    I offer 1:1 coaching calls and video reviews to students within the school as extra support at a discount. As I'm writing this in late summer 2022, I'm not accepting new students to my 6 & 12 month mentorship program waitlists. This may change in the future and I will announce updates in the community as well as on Tiktok.

  • Why can't I purchase sections separately?

    Sections are meant to be done in a certain order with pre-requisite knowledge done first. The swing trading section requires a lot of knowledge taught in the day trading videos. The portfolio section requires a lot of the knowledge taught in the swing section. For that reason, they are only available through the memberships where content will be released in chunks at a time to allow you to learn, practice and implement principles at the same pace you go through the content.

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